Woman Dresses Pet Dog As Child For Motorbike Jaunt But Both Then Fall Off

A woman who disguised her dog as a person so she could carry him on the back of the bike realised it was a bad idea when she ended up falling off while practising it in this viral hit.

The footage was shot by the woman’s partner at their home in Langfang, in China’s Hebei Province when the woman put the clothes on the dog to make it seem like it was a child before setting off around the courtyard in an incident that happened on 6th May.

The clip depicts the dog dressed up in human clothes really appearing as if it were a person, especially when the woman steps out of the door and into a parking space to practice driving with the animal.

And then as the woman attempts to drive back up a small gradient and enter the doors once again, she loses power, and the machine tumbles backwards and then onto its side, throwing the biker woman and dog onto the ground.

Image shows a woman dressing up her dog as a person and placing it on a bike behind her, in China. They both fell from the bike just after leaving the yard. (Big golden retriever ball/AsiaWire)

Both appear however to be unharmed, and the footage went viral when it was shared online attracting many comments like ‘Sister Zhu’ who said: “At first I thought there was something wrong with the child and it was disabled by something like polio.”

And user ‘The Clown’ said: “The moment the dog’s head was revealed, I wanted to laugh so much.”

While the user ‘Yi Doll’ said: “What kind of dog is this that can hug people?”


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