Green Wire News is a freelance journalism initiative that aims to offer truly independent coverage of green issues by embracing all the spectrums of the media landscape.

Green newswire is tabloid and quality, left and right, breaking news and features, original reporting and verification and both print, online and broadcast.

It is a not-for-profit project, and at the moment accepts no sponsorship or donations, and we also do no PR, marketing or advertising.

Our news is produced using the fourth Estate Virtual Newsroom (T4 Hub) software that includes distribution to a global media network with direct access to the news queues of media partners in the same way as their own correspondents.

We take contributions from other journalists, as well as working with partners in areas related to the natural world, including conservation, environmental protection, animal organisations, and many more, all with news to share about the world that we live in.

If you want to join in the project, then please register ???? either as a publisher, journalist, influencer, expert commentator or a news contributor, and even if none of the above, please subscribe to our news feed in order to support the work that we do.

Green News Wire is a NewsX community, the Community Interest Company that sponsors independent journalism.

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