Giant ‘Spider Web’ Covering Bush Amazes Man In China

This is the moment a man shares his amazement after discovering what he said was a massive spider web that appeared overnight.

The video footage shot in Quanzhou which is a prefecture-level port city in China’s southeastern Fujian province on 15th April.

According to the video shot by the unnamed netizen, the massive web designed to cover a whole network of bushes and hoover up flies and other insects that came near.

He estimated that in total the massive spider web covered more than 30 square metres (323 square feet), and said that from a distance it almost looked like a white cloud drifted down to hover over the travelling.

He said a video to show how amazing it was that a spider could weave such a large web overnight.

What’s even more surprising he said was that this huge spider web was actually covered with a large number of caterpillars, which are densely packed and squirming.

A huge spider web appears overnight. In Quanzhou, Fujian, China, undated. It covered an area of more than 30 square meters. (520yaobaige/AsiaWire)

He said the caterpillars had probably fallen from the trees, noting that they were chubby the body weight that looks like it was just the right food for spiders.

However, the comment sparked some to speculate that actually the web was not by a spider, and suggested that the caterpillars might be web-spinning caterpillars which work together to create large protective canopies for themselves to keep them safe from predators and other environmental factors.

It can take the insects very little time to create these natural webs typically by moth larvae to cover their favourite feeding plants. Some species, particularly the small ermine moths, spin copious amounts of webbing.

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Others pointed out that the man may not have realised the web was being built and only noticed it when it became covered in dew from the morning mist.

Some netizens jokingly said that this reminds people of the Pansi Cave scene in “Journey to the West”.

A huge spider web appears overnight. In Quanzhou, Fujian, China, undated. It covered an area of more than 30 square meters. (520yaobaige/AsiaWire)

Online commentators like ‘Crazy Criticism Of Big Twins’ said: “Hurry up and apply pesticides, otherwise there will be an insect infestation.”

And user ‘Chi Lin’ commented: “Report it to the Forestry Bureau”

While user ‘Listen To The Wind And Snow ‘ added: “Cut down all the surrounding trees to ensure that it would not cause a fire, and then burn it with a fire.”


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