Clever Pig Makes Daring Escape From Truck After Realising Cage Is Slightly Open

The astonishing video shows a pig making a daring escape while being transported to a slaughterhouse after realising that the cage was slightly open.

Smartphone footage captured in the city of Weihai, in China’s eastern province of Shandong, depicted an owner transporting several pigs in a cage in the back of his pickup truck on 28th March.

However, just seconds later, a crafty pig from the group suddenly took advantage of the opportunity and successfully fled the scene.

The clip showed the pig breaking free from the cage after realising that the door of the cage was loose and taking a jump before ending up in the middle of the road.

The owner said that he was unaware of the animal’s sneaky escape and only found out when the vehicle behind him accelerated to catch up and alert him to the situation.

A pig escapes from a car in Weihai, Shandong, China, undated. The driver didn;t even notice. (W960329/AsiaWire)

He said: “I didn’t know the pig fell off.”

Meanwhile, the Good Samaritan driver, added: “At the time, the owner didn’t know the pig had fallen off.

Officers Rescue Loose Piglet That Escaped Onto Busy Highway

“After we informed him, he turned around and went back. By then, the pig was leisurely strolling on the road.”

The clip triggered an avalanche of reactions after it was shared on China’s version of TikTok, Douyin, reaching more than 59,000 likes and over 69,000 shares as of 1st April.

A pig escapes from a car in Weihai, Shandong, China, undated. The driver didn;t even notice. (W960329/AsiaWire)

Douyin user ‘Fruit’ said: “Pigs are so pink and cute.”

Then user ‘Wang Zi’er’ commented: “I never expected that a pig would become so popular in my lifetime.”

And ‘Linyi Adult College Entrance Examination Correspondence Education Station (Adult Education)’ added: “The first time I slammed on the gas was also for a pig.”


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