Adorable Tiger Twin Cub Boys Go On Show

This is the adorable moment boy twin tiger cubs take their first cautious steps into public life as they emerge from their lair in a German zoo.

The critically endangered Sumatran tigers were born nearly eight weeks ago (on 25th February) to 13-year-old mum Mayang at Berlin Zoo.

They now weigh in at just over 18 lbs and 15.5 lbs, say vets.

Now in new video footage, the cubs are seen exploring their enclosure in public for the first time.

As they emerge from the rock face entrance to their den, the brothers keep low as they clamber over the landscape keeping a wary eye on their audience.

At one point one of them tries his best to let out a full-on roar only to have it emerge as a tiny squeak.

Mum soon lends a hand and pops out to give one of her sons a comforting lick.

Image shows vets checking one of the cubs, undated photo. Two Sumatran tiger cubs were born at the Tierpark Berlin, in Germany. (Tierpark Berlin/Newsflash)

A second clip shows zoo vets giving the cubs their first vaccinations after determining their gender.

Even though the cubs are still tiny, both carers are wearing thick leather gloves to protect themselves from straw claws and teeth.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Berlin Zoo saying: “On February 25th this year, Sumatran tigress Mayang, 13, gave birth to two adorable cubs!

“Since then, the twins have been exploring their surroundings with curiosity and determination, be it climbing rocks or testing their climbing skills on trees.

“The first veterinary examination not only revealed the weight of the little tigers and confirmed that the twins were in excellent health, but also revealed the gender of the cubs. They are two male tigers.”

The statement continued: “Today, nine weeks after their birth, the tiger twins had their first vet check, where they also received their first vaccination against cat disease, cat flu and rabies.”

Image shows vets checking one of the cubs, undated photo. Two Sumatran tiger cubs were born at the Tierpark Berlin, in Germany. (Tierpark Berlin/Newsflash)

Dr Andreas Knieriem explained: “The two little cats are lively and full of energy. We are very happy that they are both growing up so well.

“Especially with animals as rare as the Sumatran tiger, which is frighteningly at risk of being wiped out in its natural habitat, tigers in human care could be the last straw in saving the entire species.

“The closely striped fur and the distinctive side whiskers are characteristic of these tigers, of which only 400 to 600 animals now exist in their natural habitat.”

Sumatran tigers are believed to be the smallest living subspecies of tiger.

Veterinarian Anja Hantschmann added: “Experience has shown that little tigers are not happy when I pick them up to weigh them and give them an injection.

“We usually just stay in the background and observe and leave the care entirely to the mother.

Image shows the two Sumatran tiger cubs, undated photo. They were born at the Tierpark Berlin, Germany. (Tierpark Berlin/Newsflash)

‘However, a vaccination was essential here so that the twins could build up immunity in order to stay healthy and strong.”

The statement went on: ” When weighed, the two tiger twins were measured to weigh 8,165 grammes and 7,050 grammes respectively.

“The two don’t have names yet. The team at Tierpark Berlin is in contact with the Indonesian embassy. The cubs are the third litter for mother Mayang.

“The twins, born in 2022 – then named Luise and Lotte – now live in Berlin Zoo. The sweet brother duo do not yet have a godparent.”

The Sumatran tiger is listed as critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN’s) Red List of Threatened Species, primarily due to poaching and habitat loss.


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