Wildlife Rescuers Relocate Deceased 18-Metre-Long Sperm Whale From Beach

Wildlife experts in Australia have begun a challenging operation aiming to move the dead body of a massive 18-metre-long sperm whale that got stranded and died after it was struck by a boat.

Staff from the Parks and Wildlife Service, Western Australia, used two vessels to tow the 40-tonne creature to a nearby facility where it will be removed from the ocean.

The operation commenced on the morning of 13th December and will carry on until the whale is safely relocated.

After the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) marine scientists have collected all necessary data from the mammal, it will be wrapped according to protocol and buried at a secure location.

From there, researchers will be able to access and study its skeleton over the coming years.

Rockingham Beach, where the whale was found stranded shortly before passing, will remain closed until further notice, local officials said.


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