Optical Illusion Makes It Look Like A Waterfall In The Sky

These images have captured an optical illusion making it look like a waterfall in the sky.

The stunning footage of the Lushan Waterfall, in China’s south-eastern Jiangxi province, was filmed on 13th May.

A first video shows the view of the waterfall from a city down below in the valley.

Only the water from the waterfall can be clearly seen, with the already dark mountain around it obscured by clouds, giving the viewer the impression that the waterfall is running through the clouds.

Photo shows the spectacular view of Lushan Waterfall, Jiangxi on May 13 2024. (AsiaWire)

A second piece of footage shows the same scene from a different viewpoint, with mist also making it look like the waterfall is flowing in the sky in mid-air.

Online commentators like ‘Xiaodu Are You Full Today’ said: “Such magnificent scenery, I really want to see it.”

And user ‘View The World With Your Heart’ said: “Flying down three thousand feet, it is suspected that the Milky Way has fallen into the sky.”

While ‘Mythical Love Story’ said: “Soaring in the clouds and riding in the fog.”


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