Missing Dog Safely Recovered From River By Firefighters

In a dramatic rescue operation, firefighters successfully saved a missing dog named Maggie from the treacherous waters of a fast-moving river.

The ordeal began when Maggie, a seven-year-old rescue whippet rat terrier mix, escaped from her home in Wellesley, in the US State of Massachusetts.

Officers Glen Misho and Derek Harris from the Wellesley Police Department were actively searching for her when they got a call saying firefighter had found her trapped in the Charles River on 8th September.

Maggie, initially trapped on rocks and having endured at least one waterfall, managed to evade her rescuers on her first attempt.

However, a Wellesley Police UAV pilot captured the heart-pounding moment when Maggie, after a second slip, was saved by Newton Firefighters from a spillway adjacent to the river.

The incident concluded with Maggie’s joyful reunion with her owner and they expressed their gratitude to the heroic Newton Firefighters who ensured Maggie’s safe return.


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